The Essentials of The Last of Us

For my first day or sketching I decided to take some inspiration from Justin Mezzells amazing The Essentials of Halo: Combat Evolved. I’ve been playing through The Last of Us a lot recently as it’s a truly great game so I thought it’d be interesting to adapt Justins idea to this game.

This was a lot of fun to do and is a style I’ve actually ┬átried before. In one of my university interviews they asked us to sketch out our morning, so I decided to collect imagery from my morning into a perfect square, I got offered a place so they must have liked it.

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Sketching Summer

As a graphic design student I’ve always tended to jump straight to a computer to express my ideas which at times can be very easy however it means that I’ve never really focused on my sketching skills. With so much time to kill before university I want to really work on my broader skills and I think one of these things should be my sketching skills. Apart from being a useful skill to have it’s also quite relaxing rather than constantly being stuck to a computer.

So I’ve picked myself up a new sketchpad and pencils and intend to do some kind of sketching each day for the coming weeks to generally try and improve my skills. I won’t be posting outcomes every day as most will probably be terrible but I’ll probably try and keep a weekly update running.


About Me


I’m Lewis Jones, a design student in the UK. I’ve just finished my second year at college studying A Level Graphic Design where I came out with an A over the two years and along with my other grades have secured a place at the University of Lincoln to study graphic design. My main areas of interest are branding and typography however I like to try my hand at a number of styles to keep things interesting.

I’ll be using this blog to keep track of my work and projects along with any general thoughts I have about design or anything really. With a couple of months between finishing college and starting university I’m hoping to keep myself creatively active and will keep track of it through this blog.