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My Week in Devon

Since my last post I’ve had a lot of things happening, I spent a week in Devon, my laptop failed (for the second time), I moved into a new house and I assembled my first piece of Ikea furniture. I had a great time in Devon and tried to capture everything that I did however I’ve narrowed down my photos to a fewof my favourites and also excluded a lot of photos where my girlfriends family are the main focus.

I hope you enjoy my photos, I’ll be getting back to design work very soon now that I’m back in Lincoln and can’t steal my Dads camera anymore.








Water Droplets

After recently playing around with my watches I really wanted to see what I could do with the camera. I’ve always enjoyed watching slow motion videos, specifically of things that happen in every day life but are so quick that our eyes miss it so I wanted to do something along these lines.

I decided to try and capture water droplets as they fall into a full glass of water. After setting my camera to the quickest shutter speed it can do I ended up taking around 500 pictures with only roughly 30 of them being something other than water rippling. Unfortunately the camera I have could only take about 2 images a second so getting the timing right was very difficult.
black and white dropletDropshort droprippleDrop2


Watch Photography

Over the past few years I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with watches. I think it’s the mix of great design and their complexity that attracts me, because of this I also love photographing my watches from time to time so while I’m home from University I thought I’d take advantage of my Dads DSLR. In this session I tried to get some up close and detailed photographs while also playing with exposure photography.

Swatch LumeI particularly like this exposure shot of the second hand on my Swatch watch, the glow that the lume gives off onto the parts of the watch really give a nice atmosphere to the picture. I made the image black and white as I felt the colour was slightly distracting, as you can see in the next image.

Swatch Lume2Bulova MacroI really like this photo however I am a little disappointed the whole of the face isn’t in focus, I’m guessing this is to do with me being too zoomed in while taking the picture. I guess this kind of thing comes with experience and practice.

armani black and whiteClose up Armani

I’m still very new to photography and with no education in the area so far everything I’m doing is just experimentation but I really enjoy capturing beautiful images. I’ll definitely have to invest in my own camera soon, my Dad’s going to start noticing his camera is missing too often at some point. I hope you enjoyed my photographs.

Show Fourteen

Having finished my first year of university I’ve got over 3 months until the second year begins so what better way to spend that time than inspiring myself by visiting the degree show being presented by the third year graphic design students at the University of Lincoln.

It’s also strange to think that in two years I’ll be in this same position presenting my work and going into the working world … what a scary thought. There was quite a lot of inspiring work throughout the show and I’ll be more than happy if this is the kind of work I’m showing in two years time.

Left : Sam Dowse | Right : Calum Magill

IMAG2020Josh Nurse & Kristian Sear


Jordan Ranshaw

IMAG2024Tom Hoofs

Tom Hoofs work really got me thinking, I only realised I’d read it backwards after reading it the second time. It’s always fun to see a piece of design that get’s you thinking.

book covers

I’m afraid as a designer I’m guilty of judging a book by it’s cover and I was particularly drawn to these three. I’ve never heard of the novel but I’d be interested in checking it out of I saw these covers.

Emmet the Construction Worker

I finally got around to watching the lego movie and as well as being a great film the special effects were amazing. Although the film was animated the animators went to great lengths to make the lego look realistic and it really paid off, sometimes it was hard to tell if it was animated or actual lego.

I had some spare time so decided to design this simple illustration of Emmet the construction worker, if I find time I’m going to create the whole cast just as a fun self project.

I’m a terrible Lincoln resident…

I’ve been living in Lincoln for around 9 months at this point and although the Cathedral is one of the biggest tourist destinations for the city until a few days ago I still hadn’t been inside. This is made even worse by the fact that I get free entry for being a student so there really is no excuse so when I had the opportunity a few days ago I took it and tried to capture some of my favourite parts of the architecture and design.

Finished in 1549 and noted as one of the tallest buildings in the world for around 238 years the cathedral is a beautiful work of architecture and stone work.

IMAG1950*Once inside the cathedral you can see a large selection of stained glass windows which amaze me not only because of how intricate they are but to think that each one was specifically hand made hundreds of years ago for the specific spot in the cathedral and still remains a beautiful work of art. I apologise for some of the quality on these pictures, I don’t have a good camera as of yet but it’s on my list, until then my phone will have to do.

IMAG1931*IMAG1917*IMAG1909* IMAG1886*

I also like that while walking around the cathedral there are many different hidden sculptures or tiny details which you could easily miss but an artist obviously spent a lot of time crafting and putting into place. For example there was a large sculpture of the Virgin Mary which on the back of the base of the sculpture was a small carving of a lion head which the likely hood is most people visiting will never see yet a sculptor probably spent hours working on.

IMAG1929*However not all of the intricate details were so great to look at, like this little figure I found in a hallway ceiling

IMAG1953_BURST003*I’ll definitely be visiting the cathedral more in the coming years as it really is a motivating place to visit with so many amazing design elements to it. I can’t wait until I have a better camera than just my phone and have a chance to go back and really capture its beauty.

The Essentials of The Last of Us

For a bit of practice sketching I decided to take some inspiration from Justin Mezzells amazing The Essentials of Halo: Combat Evolved. I’ve been playing through The Last of Us a lot recently as it’s a truly great game so I thought it’d be interesting to adapt Justins idea to this game.

This was a lot of fun to do and is a style I’ve actually  tried before in a university interview. They asked us to sketch out our morning, so I decided to collect imagery from my morning into a perfect square, I got offered a place so they must have liked it.

Wordpress The Last of Us


About Me


I’m Lewis Jones, a design student in the UK. I’ve just finished my second year at college studying A Level Graphic Design where I came out with an A over the two years and along with my other grades have secured a place at the University of Lincoln to study graphic design. My main areas of interest are branding and typography however I like to try my hand at a number of styles to keep things interesting.

I’ll be using this blog to keep track of my work and projects along with any general thoughts I have about design or anything really. With a couple of months between finishing college and starting university I’m hoping to keep myself creatively active and will keep track of it through this blog.