I’m a terrible Lincoln resident…

I’ve been living in Lincoln for around 9 months at this point and although the Cathedral is one of the biggest tourist destinations for the city until a few days ago I still hadn’t been inside. This is made even worse by the fact that I get free entry for being a student so there really is no excuse so when I had the opportunity a few days ago I took it and tried to capture some of my favourite parts of the architecture and design.

Finished in 1549 and noted as one of the tallest buildings in the world for around 238 years the cathedral is a beautiful work of architecture and stone work.

IMAG1950*Once inside the cathedral you can see a large selection of stained glass windows which amaze me not only because of how intricate they are but to think that each one was specifically hand made hundreds of years ago for the specific spot in the cathedral and still remains a beautiful work of art. I apologise for some of the quality on these pictures, I don’t have a good camera as of yet but it’s on my list, until then my phone will have to do.

IMAG1931*IMAG1917*IMAG1909* IMAG1886*

I also like that while walking around the cathedral there are many different hidden sculptures or tiny details which you could easily miss but an artist obviously spent a lot of time crafting and putting into place. For example there was a large sculpture of the Virgin Mary which on the back of the base of the sculpture was a small carving of a lion head which the likely hood is most people visiting will never see yet a sculptor probably spent hours working on.

IMAG1929*However not all of the intricate details were so great to look at, like this little figure I found in a hallway ceiling

IMAG1953_BURST003*I’ll definitely be visiting the cathedral more in the coming years as it really is a motivating place to visit with so many amazing design elements to it. I can’t wait until I have a better camera than just my phone and have a chance to go back and really capture its beauty.


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