2 thoughts on “Show Sixteen Logo

  1. SiulMoret

    Good lord nights Lewis Jones, a pleasure My Name Is Moret Luis de Merida Venezuela, dancers (dancers called the village where I am) I am writing for the reason that i was looking for a logo that would identify me with a number, and note the work done 16 SIXTENN the logo, which is really great job, and I like the logo, my question would be Mr. Lewis could use the logo such as a flannel to identify, by reason q I like the number 16 is my lucky number hahahaha my birthday is may 16, well I also see it as a potential tattoo, so excuse the casual way to ask for something, I’m a country boy with good taste. looking for something original as its logo .. thank you and apologize for his .att time. Luis Moret. Siul Moret facebook

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