Watch Photography

Over the past few years I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with watches. I think it’s the mix of great design and their complexity that attracts me, because of this I also love photographing my watches from time to time so while I’m home from University I thought I’d take advantage of my Dads DSLR. In this session I tried to get some up close and detailed photographs while also playing with exposure photography.

Swatch LumeI particularly like this exposure shot of the second hand on my Swatch watch, the glow that the lume gives off onto the parts of the watch really give a nice atmosphere to the picture. I made the image black and white as I felt the colour was slightly distracting, as you can see in the next image.

Swatch Lume2Bulova MacroI really like this photo however I am a little disappointed the whole of the face isn’t in focus, I’m guessing this is to do with me being too zoomed in while taking the picture. I guess this kind of thing comes with experience and practice.

armani black and whiteClose up Armani

I’m still very new to photography and with no education in the area so far everything I’m doing is just experimentation but I really enjoy capturing beautiful images. I’ll definitely have to invest in my own camera soon, my Dad’s going to start noticing his camera is missing too often at some point. I hope you enjoyed my photographs.