Water Droplets

After recently playing around with my watches I really wanted to see what I could do with the camera. I’ve always enjoyed watching slow motion videos, specifically of things that happen in every day life but are so quick that our eyes miss it so I wanted to do something along these lines.

I decided to try and capture water droplets as they fall into a full glass of water. After setting my camera to the quickest shutter speed it can do I ended up taking around 500 pictures with only roughly 30 of them being something other than water rippling. Unfortunately the camera I have could only take about 2 images a second so getting the timing right was very difficult.
black and white dropletDropshort droprippleDrop2



Show Fourteen

Having finished my first year of university I’ve got over 3 months until the second year begins so what better way to spend that time than inspiring myself by visiting the degree show being presented by the third year graphic design students at the University of Lincoln.

It’s also strange to think that in two years I’ll be in this same position presenting my work and going into the working world … what a scary thought. There was quite a lot of inspiring work throughout the show and I’ll be more than happy if this is the kind of work I’m showing in two years time.

Left : Sam Dowse | Right : Calum Magill

IMAG2020Josh Nurse & Kristian Sear


Jordan Ranshaw

IMAG2024Tom Hoofs

Tom Hoofs work really got me thinking, I only realised I’d read it backwards after reading it the second time. It’s always fun to see a piece of design that get’s you thinking.

book covers

I’m afraid as a designer I’m guilty of judging a book by it’s cover and I was particularly drawn to these three. I’ve never heard of the novel but I’d be interested in checking it out of I saw these covers.